Zippo lighter dating guide

26-Jun-2016 08:58

Clean off the wheel with a small, soft brush to remove these particles. If there's nothing left but a tiny bit of charred, burned copper, get a pair of tweezers.Gently pull up on the wick until you can cut off all of the old junk.The good news is that Zippo has a fairly quick turnaround, and will ship your lighter back to you at no charge.Your only expense is the shipping charges to send your precious lighter to the company.I've always known that Hollywood glamorized the use of cigarettes in the years after World War Two.

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But did you realize that one of the real dangers of smoking had nothing to do with the cigarettes but had everything to do with malfunctioning lighters?

Refill the Zippo and see if that helps the problem. If you have only the tiniest nub left, go ahead and exchange that piece for new flint.