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24-Jan-2016 08:32

OK any reason WSUS is reporting for all Windows 10 clients have some patches were failed to install ? Also all Windows 10 clinets has red x next to the computer You will not see these failures on computers that have a cumulative update installed. The Update service crashes regularly on those, that's why sometimes updates install but mostly fail. May last quesiton is how I download an earlier cumulative update ?

On PCs with this issue I tried: recreating C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Data Store and C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Download folders, removing following reg values: "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Wi ndows Update\ Sus Client Id Validation", "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Wi ndows Update\ Sus Client Id " and running wuauclt /resetauthorization and wuauclt /detectnow but updates on those PCs still not working.It was a known bug in win10 v1607: updates from wsus fail while updating against the online servers works.This problem was resolved by a cumulative upgrade in september (or october?To use WSUS to manage all Windows updates, some organizations may need access to WSUS from a perimeter network, or they might have some other complex scenario.

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WSUS is highly scalable and configurable for organizations of any size or site layout.When you choose WSUS as your source for Windows updates, you use Group Policy to point Windows 10 client devices to the WSUS server for their updates.