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You'll also find all the formats you want: DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and lots of titles in 4K Ultra HD.

You'll even find multi-format combo packs, (TV and movies on DVD Blu-ray digital HD) so you can have your titles everywhere you travel, at home or on the road.

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Narumi and the rest of the Warm Watch Group are mostly fujoshi, and thus support the friendship between Subaru and “his” male friend, Sakamachi Kinjirou.

Name: Narumi, Nakuru (鳴海ナクル) Alias: Narunaru Relationship Status: Single Origin: Mayo Chiki Information: The cat-eared high school student at Roran Academy with an extreme fondness for glasses, Narumi will go as far as to dive out windows to save a pair.

She, like many of the girl at her school, is a big fan of fellow student and butler Konoe Subaru, and is even the president of the “Subaru-sama Warm Watch Group,” one of two major Subaru fan factions in her school.

Technically, you're adding a new album at this point, but at least it will have the right album art.

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