Updating data using ssis

18-Apr-2016 18:09

updating data using ssis-85

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The Windows Event log provider does not use a connection manager, because it writes directly to the Windows Event log.For more information, see OLE DB Connection Manager and File Connection Manager.For more information about the command prompt arguments that support logging, see dtexec Utility.Logs are associated with packages and are configured at the package level.For example, a package can log operator information when the package starts, one task can log the source of the task's failure, and another task can log information when errors occur.If a package and its containers and tasks use multiple logs, the same information is written to all the logs.

For another example, when you run a package that contains Execute Package tasks, each of these tasks runs a child package.

The log provider specifies the format for the log data: for example, a SQL Server database or text file.

Integration Services includes the following log providers: You can also create custom log providers.

To customize the logging of an event or custom message, Integration Services provides a schema of commonly logged information to include in log entries.

The Integration Services log schema defines the information that you can log.For more information, see Creating a Custom Log Provider.