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The images here will jog a few memories and this page is for those who have stood and stared, yet forgotten it all before getting home.

The opportunity of having car crash after car crash without any risk of being killed or maimed is difficult to resist and the Dodgem idea was an instant winner.

Polish Włodzimierz – Włodek), -ko (masculine, predominantly South Slavic and Ukrainian), -ka (feminine; also masculine in Russian), or -a: Mila, Luba, Staszek, Radek, Władek, Zlatko, Zlata, Volodya, Bronek, Leszek, Dobrusia, Slavko, Wojtek, Mirka, Bogusia, Slava, Zdravko, Zbyszko, Miłosz, Staś, Przemek, Bolko, Draho, Željko, Borya (fight), Boško, Božica, Božana, Branko, Branka, Braniša, Borko, Budimka, Hvališa, Dobar, Dobra, Dragoš, Dragica, Dragi, Draga, Dragoş, Miloš, Slavko, Slavica, Slavisa, Svetlana, Wít, Zdenka, Bratko, Braco, Braca, Bato, Bata, Batica, etc.

Some Slavic names have gained popularity in other (non-Slavic) countries, e.g.: Vera, Mila, Svante, Boris, Vladimir, Mirko, Laszlo, Casimir, Wenzel, Milena, Estanislao, Vlad, Nadia, Mircea, Bronislovas, Radu, Vesna, Wanda, Ladislao, Bogdan, etc.

Finally, the best of both definitions of drag races collide.

That’s right, this past Sunday, August 20, at Angels Point Road in Elysian Park, 64 teams – including those consisting entirely of drag queens – came together to create their own unique racing vehicles and went toe-to-toe, quite literally as The Abbey of West Hollywood’s ruby red slipper design proves.

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With the stunning backdrop of Elysian Park to punctuate the drama of the event, the Redbull Soapbox Race offered up the high-octane pitch one would expect from any drag show at The Abbey.And yes, of course it’s inspired by “The Wizard of Oz.” Judy Garland was certainly watching over one of The Abbey’s most acclaimed drag stars Rhea Litré as she steered the heel toward glory.