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Nioh: Complete Edition is an action adventure role-playing video game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo.

The game was released via Steam for Microsoft Windows on 7 November, 2017…

When you don't have to worry about anything coming from behind, you can be much more efficient with your final time.

At a final time of , it definitely is impressive at how much time can be saved when items are turned off.

While it is great to see an improvement, sometimes you have to wonder to yourself, "How would it be to do all the tracks without worrying about a blue shell coming from behind you?

One prime example was having the brothers in the warehouse spawn at a specific point and using the crate to attack them from the other side of the wall.We started a production company, got new equipment and built a home studio all in the last six months, and this is just the beginning.I’m truly beholden to nobody, well except my dog, and that’s really the greatest gift you can get as a content creator.This run is single-segment, arcade mode, and played on easy mode.

As of this writing, it is one of the fastest known runs in these categories utilizing Voldo. We’ve got an improvement for Bugdom 2 so get ready for some insectoid out-of-bounds adventuring. As for the video, just make sure nothing is overlayed directly onto the game itself and it can later be cropped for an SDA submission. With how chaotic it can be to be randomly attacked by blue shells or lightning, it can be tricky to get a good time while not getting obliterated in the process.

There were still a few missteps such as missing a few shortcuts, but for the most part, this is still a well-executed run through all 48 tracks.