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09-Dec-2016 17:23

When sharing error messages, be very careful not to accidentally expose important account secrets to others.All methods can potentially return any of the following values for the The Web Socket and JSON-RPC APIs generally take the same arguments, although they're provided in a different way (See Request Formatting for details).Since the hash of an object is derived from the contents in a way that is extremely unlikely to produce collisions, two objects with the same hash can be considered the same.An XRP Ledger hash value has the following characteristics: hash function.If you are looking to try out some methods on the XRP Ledger, you can skip writing your own Web Socket code and go straight to using the API at the Ripple Web Socket API Tool. If you plan on making multiple requests, use Keep-Alives so that you do not have to close and re-open the connection in between requests.

It is impossible to list all the possible ways an error can occur.Some may occur in the transport layer (for example, loss of network connectivity), in which case the results vary depending on what client and transport you are using.