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06-Oct-2016 21:52

New Year comes and goes and not only are we having sex, I’m at his brother’s place nightly now. Why would he reject me in the first place when I was his trophy? We live in a world where there’s a lot of fake female empowerment, and it sets women up for failure in situations like this.

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I pay for everything, try to be a good friend to him. I notice that he is taking me to my place as opposed to where his brother lives. He says his brother didn’t sign up for two roommates. I couldn’t even react the way I felt, I reverted into a weak bitch and said to him that I can scale it back. You’re not a savage you’re a sliiiddddeee with visions of grandeur!

You live life on autopilot, setting half-ass goals, chasing shallow shit like a man’s love or enough money to buy something you don’t even need.