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starred Cruise as a hotshot bartender who twirled bottles, surpassed his mentor (Bryan Brown) and romanced a rich girl (Elisabeth Shue).

Now the film is out on Blu-ray June 5 so you can see the crisp images of trendy bars and colorful paradise of Kokomo, like the hit song from the film. One of the great things about seeing your films when they’re being scanned out to high definition and put out on Blu-ray is that you get to see them better than you’ve probably ever seen them. It’s amazing how many places around the world I’ve been where I see bartenders throwing the bottles around.

” will be echoing across the Twittersphere next year when “The Karate Kid” reunion series “Cobra Kai” bows on You Tube Red.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 10-episode revival will see Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their respective roles of transplanted Jersey boy Daniel La Russo and bully Johnny Lawrence — but now three decades removed from their San Fernando Valley rivalry and climactic karate tournament.

They put an enormous amount of energy into perfecting all that routine. One of the things about the music for the film was all of those songs that were in the movie for those sequences were songs that I had chosen before and we’d managed to secure the rights to them. I wasn’t personally involved in the product placement but I’m sure somebody was and whatever the prop department gave me, that’s what we used. How many takes did you do of Elisabeth Shue dumping food on Tom Cruise? When did you realize that and were you kicking yourself? So in 1989 they weren’t even telling pregnant women not to drink? Those warnings you see on alcohol bottles now about pregnancy and drinking didn’t exist then.