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Although it is often dismissed and treated as simple “translation”, in reality it includes not only the process of extracting the text for translation from your source files and having them translated so that they can then be reintegrated, but also extensive software testing to ensure that foreign users experience the same comfort and ease of use that they might have with an application developed in their native language.Translating your software interface often means dealing with the issue of extracting texts / strings for translation. Do you need to create a tool internally to show the texts to be translated and then reintegrate them into your proprietary format after translation?Code, libraries, resources, screens, interfaces, content, help, manuals: each require a different tool, but there must be coordination and consistency between them.All the elements involved in localizing a software application in the correct order and with the necessary phases to get the best result.In general, the standard process for creating globalized software includes "internationalization," which covers generic coding and design issues, and "localization," which involves translating and customizing a product for a specific market.Software developers must understand the intricacies of internationalization since they write the actual underlying code.ICU Home Page· API: C | J ICU · Introduction · Internationalization · How To Use ICU · Unicode Basics · ICU Services · ICU Design · C/POSIX Migration · ICU4J Locale Service Provider Chars & Strings · Strings / UTF-8 · Properties · Character Iterator · UText · Unicode Set · Regular Expressions · String Prep Conversion · Conversion Basics · Converter · Conversion Data · Charset Detection · Compression Locales & Resources · Locale Class · Resources · Localizing with ICU Date/Time · Date/Time Services · Calendar Services · Time Zone class · Universal Time Scale Formatting · Format & Parse · Format Numbers · Format Date/Time · Format Messages Transforms · Transformations · Case Mapping · Bi Di Algorithm · Normalization · Transform · Rule Tutorial Collation · Introduction · Concepts · Architecture · Customization · Search String · Collation FAQ Boundary Analysis · Boundary Analysis IO· ustdio· ustream Layout Engine · Layout Engine ICU Data · ICU Data · Packaging ICU4C · Packaging ICU4J Use From ...

“Localization”, Go-Multilingual’s core business, encompasses all the processes need to produce software in another language.

Software developers must understand the ICU services to design and deploy successful software releases.

The services can save ICU users time in dealing with the kinds of problems that typically arise during critical stages of the software life cycle.

Before you start to “translate” a piece of software into another language, it’s essential to ensure that the code in your software is able to accommodate one or more new languages and that adding them does not disrupt its operation.

The process of engineering code to extract all the elements that need to be translated and ensure that items such as calendars, currencies and so on are correctly adapted for each country has a name: “internationalization”.Go-Multilingual saves vendors the worry of dealing with these issues and handles the whole process of preparing files for translation and integrating the translations into their clients’ source files, whatever format they are in: .php, .xml, .ini, .html, .strings etc.