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24-Oct-2016 05:50

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We have made our kids lose out being in the EU, as firms and government would rather take skilled workers from a vast supply of immigrants than train British young adults.

The times we heard stupid people say, "We wouldn't have the NHS if it wasn't for immigration" - government treat you like morons and lied about not being able to get Brits to be doctors ( The EU is an anti-democratic scam - allowing poorer incompatible countries to join.

We were never going to flood Poland - though many of our jobs have gone there.

Cameron lied with his "tens of thousands" - it was not achievable - which the press did not warn about - yet they did about Brexit lies e.g. It is important to note that the others to join, the latest confirmation was March 2016.

In early 1970's, I was trained by EITB (Engineering Industry Training Board) as a Mechanical Engineering Technician Trainee - and later as a Telecommunications Technician Trainee with PYE Telecom.

1964 -Engineering Industry Training Board The EITB had the power to impose a financial training levy on employers over a certain size.

Employers who could prove a good track record of training activity could be granted exemption from most of the levy.

Corrupt governments would rather give skilled jobs to foreign workers than train our British kids up to higher standards.

The poorest hardly get any rise and are still in poverty, those of us above get little more - whilst rich fat-cats increase their incomes by up to 30%, compounded year on year into a massive annual fortune.The admission they agree with my observation is proof the authorities know it hides inequality.

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