Dating a sociopath part 1

23-Jan-2017 16:51

Whatever you say, they agree with- in fact, they couldn’t agree more!This makes people with online dating profiles easy prey for sociopathic bachelors, since they have a profile full of ammo before they even set foot on the first date.The fact that he’s buying his Cubans with food stamps won’t deter him from dressing to the nine’s and assuming the role of VIP at miscellaneous corporate gatherings.Life is a game, the world is a stage, and he’s gunning for an Oscar. Does he seem to lack a realistic life-plan, or lead a parasitic lifestyle?Every guy has fantasies; not every guy fantasizes about strangling trannies.Maybe you stumbled upon his internet search history or his little box of horrors, maybe his Facebook statuses read like excerpts from he has issues that you don’t want to be playing with.A friend that he’s had for a few months may not know that last year he was living half-way around the globe under a different name with a wife and kids that are still waiting for him to come back with the milk for their Cheerios. “I did go to Harvard- I just don’t have the diploma because of the tropical storm that flooded my home office in 97’ and the school doesn’t have record of it because the I rebutted sexual advances made by the secretary that worked in the admissions office and she clearly retaliated by deleting my academic records from their database out of spite.” Here’s another lie: that’s nothing to worry about.Playing fast and loose with the truth gives them a rush, and since a sociopath’s life is essentially a web of carefully spun lies, they are more likely to become violent when caught.

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I'm a parent of a 22 yo daughter who is dating a person with sociopathic behavior. 29 04 - My ex- Sociopath not only continued to talk to his ex-girlfriend, who was brought into his marriage by his ex-wife (a convenient story from a.

Asking questions is also crucial to gaining insight into who someone really is.

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