Dating a poet

29-Jan-2017 16:51

The second was the controversy over the Abbey production of - 'there were reasons for opposing as for supporting that violent laughing thing, but none for the lies, the unscrupulous rhetoric spread against it in Ireland, and from Ireland to America'.

Yeats reading the first verse of his poem originally called ' Romance in Ireland', but later renamed ' September 1913'.

I had not thought I could feel so bitterly over any public event'.

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Having summoned the ghost of Parnell he sent him away: Go unquiet wanderer And gather the Glasnevin coverlet About your head till the dust stops your ear, The time for you to taste of that salt breath And listen at the corners has not come; You had enough of Sorrow before death- Away, away! In it he called for a police inquiry into the intimidation of striking workers and their families and also attacked media coverage of the dispute: ' I do not complain of Dublin's capacity for fanaticism whether in priest or layman, for you cannot have strong feeling without that capacity, but neither those who directed the police nor the editors of our newspapers can plead fanaticism.They are supposed to watch over our civil liberties, and I charge the Dublin Nationalist newspapers with deliberately arousing religious passion to break up the organisation of the workingman, with appealing to mob law day after day, with publishing the names of workingmen and their wives for purposes of intimidation.