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01-Jul-2016 21:15

My son loves going into pound land and spending his pound a week pocket money, puzzles, toy cars, dolls or action figures all last for ages.

You dont have to throw away any preschool toys, if your son still finds them fun, then they are fine for your sons age.

He has just got into action man style figures, called hm armed forces and the smaller ones called world peacekeepers. He does have some lego but seems to get frustrated with it or need lots of help.

He has no real idea about soldiers and what they do, his soldiers just stop people being a bit naughty! Hes got about 4 sets, for making 4 different things, should I just put it all together in one box rather than keeping them separate, maybe he would experiment a bit more on his own if i did this?

My 5 yr old is really into imaginative role playing, he plays for ages with toy dinosaurs or people inventing games.

He's getting some plamobil or Christmas, it's 20% off in John Lewis just now.

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Lego is a must, you can top it up at birthdays and Christmas, and it gives other family members something to buy him too.

What can I buy for him that suits his age more, that other kids he knows have but that will also ast years and not cost the earth (everything is so EXPENSIVE! If anyone could give me a sort of list of what their 5 year old boys (or around that age) particularly like playing with and spend a lot of time playing with, it would be very helpful for me.

I guess my main problem is the expense, so by the time Ive found the money to buy xyz, it has already gone out of fashion so he ends up playing with things others had a year ago At 5 he can play with pretty much anything, including preschool toys if he enjoys them.

After I wrote this post yesterday, he did actually get out a little transformer which I got for his birthday but I began thinking he wasnt into it or it was too small and fiddly for him (I bought the small one cause it was cheaper...) He played with it last night for about half an hour, so I may get him a couple more of those.

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Thanks for the idea of board games and puzzles, we have a couple but im thinking of maybe getting a stack of them for more choice, they are good for family time too.We still have some preschool toys in the house and Ive had some comments from people that he should have toys all the other kids his age have instead of these.

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