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To use Clearlice, you simply shampoo the hair and head thoroughly.

Next you'll apply the Clearlice conditioner that soothes irritation from bites and helps the comb glide through the hair without tangles.

Licenex is a hypoallergenic, p H balanced advanced formula.

You can use it immediately as a shampoo, in order to eliminate any lice infesting the hair.

While lice infestations can be easy to detect, getting rid of the pests can be a bigger problem.

Lice, and their eggs, must be destroyed in order to get rid of an infestation.

Clearlice's peppermint formula is pleasant to the nose and scalp but works to quickly eliminate lice and their eggs no matter where they may linger.

Simply return any remaining portion of the bottles to the company for your money back.Since the product works very fast, this is more than enough time for you to see the benefits you need.