Are tadd and caitlynn dating

31-Mar-2016 18:00

She had the disadvantage of performing second and having her solo in the middle. Musical Performance: Daniil Simkin (Ballet) - There was something adorkable about the whole routine where it looked almost too easy.The "drunken Frenchman" storyline was easy to grasp and his leaps were insane.Even though he fell out of his turn a bit, he had the same physicality he always does.Jordan - Another slow routine which displayed her powerful extensions." and he says "nope, nope, I'm taken" very curtly and Cole looks really awkward. It depends on whether they act like lovers in interviews Edit: And I know they've both denied it but I can understand anyone in their position doing so for PR.I was expecting that the voting process would shift from the judges to America, but this season Nigel, Mary, and Neil Patrick Harris continued the eliminations.

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I know they've both denied being gay (which was incredibly surprising for Chehon who is just unambiguous to me, lol) but I'm pretty sure Chehon and Cole had something going on.

Caitlynn had the first Argentine Tango of the season and it marvelous to watch.